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I’ve had over 800 page views since I started this blog just over a week ago, and I’ve received some really positive feedback. My post about writing a CV for the Israeli market seemed to generate a lot of comments, and I’m glad I’ve been able to help people in their job hunt. Lots of people thanked me for the great tips, but wanted to know how to find places to send their CVs to once they were tidied up, spell checked and formatted correctly.

In response to all those requests, here is another post to help you find your perfect job in Israel:

Five great resources for job hunting in Israel:

1) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is such a great job hunting resource that I will even go as far as listing is as the number 1 resource for job hunters in Israel. It allows you to post an online CV, along with references for future employers to check out, and the groups are a fantastic source of job opportunities. A lot of recruitment companies, especially in the High-tech world, use LinkedIn as one of their primary methods of head hunting. For Israeli job hunters groups such as Search and Find a job in Israel, the Israemploy Group, Nefesh B’nefesh and Gvahim have many job opportunities for English speakers and other Olim. Your LinkedIn profile should reflect your CV- easy to read, professional, with references from past colleagues and co-workers, and connections to individuals and groups who can further your job hunt.

2) Recruitment companies

Although there are many recruitment companies in Israel, very few offer jobs for native English speakers and speakers of other languages without native Hebrew. One that does is Marksman, one of the oldest and most established recruitment companies for the Anglo market. Many other Israeli recruitment agencies post their job listings on relevant LinkedIn boards, another reason why you have to be in it to win it.

3) Israemploy
I also really recommend joining the Israemploy network. Although you (the job hunter) have to pay, the fee is minimal, and they simply have a huge range of job postings. I’ve had several fantastic job leads via this site, including a couple which have turned into jobs. The wonderful team at Israemploy also offer professional job counselling Highly recommended.

4) Local community groups

The most famous of these is Janglo, a free resource for Anglos living in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas. Community lists in Modiin, Bet Shemesh and Ra’anana are also a good place to look for job opportunities if you live in or near these communities.

5) Word of mouth

Many jobs are filled before they are even advertised, so how can you get a look in? Use your Facebook and LinkedIn pages to let friends and contacts know you are looking for employment. Call round companies in your field and ask if they have any positions you can send your CV in to. Build relationships with managers and headhunters in your chosen speciality.  Whilst you are job hunting keep yourself busy. Offer your services as an “intern” at a relevant company, or volunteer at an organization who could use your services and recommend you. Take names and numbers from everyone you meet, and follow up on the CVs you sent out. You never know which contact could lead you to your dream job.

Any other tips or job hunting resources for Israelis and Olim? Please feel free to comment below!


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  1. there used to be a site that in one upload sent your CV to all the HR companies. Do you know if it still exists ?

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