Just trying to leave the house with a clean shirt

Too busy to blog?

My name is Naomi and I am a lapsed blogaholic. It’s been 3 months since my last post…

So I started up a new blog just a few months back and started writing info that a lot of people apparently found pretty helpful, mostly relating to job hunting in Israel. Before I knew it I was in the lucky position of choosing between two great jobs at two very different companies, one in Tel Aviv, one in Jerusalem.I chose the one in Tel Aviv. It was the view from the 27th floor all the way to the Mediterranean Sea that clinched it, oh, and the 10bis card.

And that’s when it all started going wrong. With two weeks’ notice to make the transition from work-from home freelancing mummy to full time office staff, I barely had time to fill the freezer, let alone fill a blog post. Once I started, the blogging opportunities seemed to get further and further away. I’m writing blog posts, newsletters and web content for between 8-10 hours a day (on a less busy day!), not to mention updating social media channels for 3 different websites, and communicating with various team members about community related features or promotions.   There just hasn’t been time to wash up my breakfast stuff, let alone get 20 minutes of quality blog writing time.

In the last two months I’ve tried to organize all the house jobs that were taking up valuable “I have other things to be doing right now” time. I bought more plastic plates and tinfoil dishes, we eat much simpler dinners (which the kids seem to prefer anyway) and finally hired a cleaner for a few hours a week (he used to be in marketing, go figure.)

So now, no more excuses, and I’m back to blogging, for the next few days at least.


Comments on: "Too busy to blog?" (1)

  1. themommyguiltblog said:

    welcome to the world of work-away-from-home mommys! best thing we ever did was buy a dishwasher. and hire a cleaner. and now with ur 10bis card, simpler dinners are better all around. there are weeks that go by in my house (esp in summer) where i don’t cook more than grilled cheese and salad. winter replaces salad with a soup.

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