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Making freelancing work for you

Thanks to high speed internet, laptop computers and now smart phones we don’t need to physically be in our offices to stay on top of our work. These technological advancements not only unshackle us from our desk, but also blur the typical lines of employer-employee relationships.

Many companies are realising the economic potential of not only releasing employees from their desks but also from the company framework, and this less structured approach can really benefit working mums, especially those with dependant families. Hiring freelancers allows a company to save money on travel expenses and benefits, and can work especially well when a company needs to fill a position short-term, with as little hassle as possible. It also works well when a company needs a skill set or expertise for an intensive project, and it is not worth training current employees in that field.

So it makes sense for Israeli companies to hire freelancers, but what is in it for you? The answer is flexibility. Freelancing offers you the option to work from home, with a flexibility of hours that most bosses are not willing to provide in-house. This means freelancing can be a great option for working mothers. You also get to be your own boss, choosing your own assignments and managing your own schedule. If you have a transferable skill set or profession, from programming to interior design, translating to bookkeeping it might be worth your while to go freelance.

Obviously freelancing requires effort on your part, both to find and manage your workload and also to deal with all the administrative side of the business. Some people also miss the social environment in the office, or worry about the lack of fixed pay cheques.

For some it might be a great short-term solution, in between in-house positions. For others, who thrives on self management and enjoy the flexibility, it could be the perfect working arrangement.

Are you a freelancer? An tips on keeping productive whilst working from home? All comments welcome!


Working mums make great employees!

I’m dedicating this post to all the HR departments and CEOs of Israeli companies, both big and small. Working mums make great employees! Here’s Why:

1) Working mums are loyal

Working mums know about sticking with a good thing. They are less likely to be job hunting on the job, and generally aim to stay within a company for the long-term. This long-term mentality will save you on future hiring headaches, and will mean you’ll have at least one consistent team member when all the 25-year-old singles are bailing.

2) Working mums are great multi taskers

You remember how your mum used to cook dinner whilst checking your homework and talking to grandma on the phone? Imagine implementing those multitasking skills into your own company. Hiring a working mum guarantees you a worker who won’t blink if things get a little stressful in the office.

3) Working mums offer stability

Working mums won’t turn up with a hangover after a wild night out, and they won’t take off a sick day just because they have a cold. These women know how to produce a full day’s work on zero sleep, and their company loyalty and search for long-term employment means that they can be relied on in a world of high staff turnover and quick fixes. Yes, they might occasionally have to bring a kid in to do colouring next to their desk or work from home, but you know they will get their work done because they have something to prove, which brings me to my next point…

4) Working mums will work extra hard, because they need to prove to you that their family doesn’t distract from doing their job.

Working mums have to work extra hard not to fall into working mummy stereotypes, and that makes her an asset to your company. When you hire a working mum you know she won’t be taking extended lunch breaks, and if she has to leave early she will often come in early and work until a minute before she has to leave the office. Working mums have to prove themselves over and over, and this can only be good for the company.

And finally, sad but true

5) Working mums will accept lower salaries and less cushy benefits

There is a perception in Israeli companies that taking a working mother is a bit of a liability, and therefore it can be hard for working mothers to get past the interview stage. Due to this shortage of jobs opportunities, working mums are often prepared to take lower salaries and less benefits if they can find a job that offers them flexible hours or even the opportunity to work some or all of the time from home. This means that with a little flexibility Israeli companies can receive an employee who will work harder and stay loyal to the company, but for a lower salary.

Is your company a great place for working mums? Please feel free to share all comments below!

(For the record, this working mum is currently looking for an in-house or freelance writing or junior marketing position. Contact me for more information if your company has an opening.)